מתוך ויקי עמותת המקור

The console version of GRID 2 is not streets away from the PC edition according to Codemasters Executive Producer Clive Moody, and apparently, GRID 2 on the consoles has not much to choose between the two. He states that there are differences relating to nuances of what they are strong at, but it is not noticeably different when you look at the overall experience visually. When you see the PC demo you will find that the 360 and PS3 are not lagging that far behind. Check xbox codes, microsoft points and itunes codes from Skepticism among some gamers raises questions about whether Codemasters should admit that they just cannot recreate the same standards that they can on the PC, and although there will be discussions about what platform is more expensive to work on. Some PC gamers may wonder whether GRID 2 will have a low graphics setting if the consoles are not far behind, and those who love the cockpit view game may not be overly impressed by the lack of this is in GRID 2. In an article on Games Radar they reflect on the PC version but also question which console offers the best GRID 2 and with a hands-on preview and a view of the first trailer they feel that this game is looking unbelievable. After asking Clive Moody about the differences, they also highlight comments by Associate Producer Iain Smith who spoke about the big benefit of having this relationship with the Birmingham studios, as a completely different group of people has explored different angles.Why not check Clive Moody has said that they stand back, admire their accomplishments, and feel that squeezed every ounce that they can out of that console. Do you think that something may be wrong if console versions are not that far behind PC version? Maybe you feel that the differences will be noticeable